Tony Robbins Birmingham Black Friday Tickets Offer

This is your opportunity to join 14000 others at Tony Robbins’ UPW Birmingham 2020 Seminar and create everlasting change and transform your entire life. Will you step up and take action?

UPW Birmingham 2020 Black Friday Sale


The long-awaited Tony Robbins Black Friday sale has arrived and this is your opportunity to get 20% off all UPW Birmingham 2020 VIP and above. As UPW veterans know, prices continue to rise as the event gets closer but once a year on Black Friday, there is a huge price drop for a limited number of attendees. This year is no different and there is currently 20% off all VIP, RUBY, DIAMOND AND SOLITAIRE tickets. Gold tickets are available for only £699 and this includes the opportunity to meet Tony Robbins live in London with 50 hours of packed content over 4 life-changing days. Get your Tony Robbins tickets at the Black Friday prices here.

Tony Robbins UPW Event

UPW Birmingham 2020 is one of Tony Robbin’s most famous events and as such, tickets are in extremely high demand. We get several emails each day asking if ticket prices ever go down and the answer to that is generally No. However, there is often an offer that goes out on Black Friday to join in with the Christmas spirit and this often means you can get a saving on your tickets.


Hundreds of thousands of people have been through a UPW event with Tony Robbins and he has had the opportunity to touch the hearts of millions. Over 4 jam-packed days, you will turn fear into power, turn dreams into reality, breakthrough to your new life and unleash the power of pure energy.

UPW 2020 Tickets

Gold Tickets for UPW London 2019
Tiered Seating

Includes your seat, fire-walk experience, course materials and registration materials

Tony Robbins Birmingham 2020 VIP Tickets
Tiered Seating

Sit closer to the action and enjoy the fire-walk experience, course materials and registration materials.

Ruby Tickets for Tony Robbins London
Floor Seating

Embrace the main floor, enjoy the fire-walk experience, course materials registration materials and advance entry into the main room from Day 2.

Diamond Tickets for Tony Robbins London
Floor Seating

Sit very close to the Tony and enjoy the lounge experience with a meal supplied on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the fire-walk. Get advance entry to the room daily.

Front Row Tickets for UPW London 2019
Front Rows

Premium CLOSEST seats to Tony. Enjoy the fire-walk, lounge experience and all of the benefits of all other seats.