MAY 21-24 2020

Day 1


Turn Fear into Power

The Firewalk Experience

Day 2


Turn Dreams into Reality

The Power of Success Conditioning

Day 3


Breakthrough to Your New Life

Transformation Day

Day 4


The Power of Pure Energy

12 Master Principles of a Vital Life


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Join 14,000 others and create everlasting change, live at Resorts World Arena, Birmingham in May 2020

UPW Birmingham 2020 Event Schedule

UPW Event Birmingham Location

Day 1: Turn Fear Into Power


Thursday 21 May 2020, 12:00 pm – 12:00 am


Day 1 of the UPW Event is the Firewalk experience. This is the day you will walk on fire and realise that fear is such a small part of your life. You will learn the tools to dance with your fears and understand what you would do if fear was no longer a part of your life. You will decide what you will change, give, be or achieve when fear is relinquished. The idea behind the fire-walk experience at Unleash the Power Within is to create an outstanding life, free of fear, where you go on to achieve your highest visions by turning that fear and limitation into positive which leaves you with ultimate focused action towards your new future.


  • Attendees will also learn the secret behind the world’s top athletes whom Tony Robbins London has helped to train and ensure they’re at peak performance when they need to be.
  • You will discover how to break through fears that you never though you could and unleash yourself to achieving much greater things where you were previously held back.
  • That’s not all, you will finish the day by storming across hot coals with 14.000 others fully identifying with the fact that you can achieve the impossible, or what you thought was impossible.

Day 2: Turn Dreams into Reality


Friday 22 May 2020, 09:30 am – 10:30 pm


Day 2 at the Unleash the Power Within seminar is where attendees learn to gain ultimate certainty and clarity. Clarify is power and on Day 2, you will gain it with a better understanding of what it is that you truly want and devising a clear and efficient plan on how to achieve it whilst continuing to inhibit unsustained and maximum momentum.


  • You will walk through the 3 steps to change anything in your life permanently whilst you develop a clear focus of what you want from your life in several key categories including your career, your relationship, your health and well-being and your finances.
  • Effectiveness as a person in a position of power is more important than ever, whether you are a parent, business leader or partner, you will be given the tools and skills to master the art of rapport and influence.
  • Last but not least, in this resource-packed day, you will learn Tony Robbins’ personal process for getting from where you are right now to where you want to be and to achieve this with immediate effect.
  • There are also several methods of creating and sustaining wealth that are uncovered to ensure your life is running at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Day 3: Transformation Day


Saturday 23 May 2020, 09:30 am – 11:00 pm


Day 3 is transformation at UPW Birmingham 2020. By this stage, you will have conquered your fears and understood where you want to go from here and even made a plan to achieve it. Now, it’s time to settle those inner conflicts so you can go forth and achieve everything you have always wanted with Tony’s effective yet simple approach to success by virtue of massive action.


  • You will learn an in-depth and efficient process for modelling the best strategies for maximum growth so you consistently achieve your best results.
  • Experience a complete shift re-aligning your belief system that may have limited you in the past to break through with empowering beliefs that let you achieve anything you have ever wanted in your life.
  • Create and utilise triggers to get yourself into action when seasonal chance occurs and you are lacking motivation and drive.

Day 4: 12 Master Principles of a Vital Life


Sunday 24 May 2020, 09:30 am – 7:00 pm


Day 4 of UPW Birmingham is about health and energy. You will master the principles to create pure energy in order to put into practice everything you have learned over the course of the event with maximum momentum and most of all, you will learn the most important factor to creating an extraordinary quality of life.


  • If you’re going to take your life to the next level, you need to the tools to live a more energised and healthy life. You will learn how to dramatically increase your energy.
  • The immune system is one of the most important parts of the system. You will learn the strategies to boost your nutritional and psychological strategies.
  • Finally, you will embark upon a 10 day challenge to put into practice everything you have learnt with more energy, health and vitality to create the life you deserve.

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Tony Robbins Birmingham 2020 Promo Tickets

Tony Robbins UPW Testimonials

I didnt even know what a life coach or a motivational speaker was 18 months a go, i heard a quote from tony robins divorce your story & recreate a new one. I didnt just hear that quote i felt it. Got myself a life coach, walked away from all i was taught i was, got myself therapy to deal with my past trauma & now rebuilding & recreating the Life i want for me & my children. I put coming to upw on a 10 year plan but in 12month i have sent my daughter as a birthday gift & tomorrow it will be my turn. That one quote totally changed my life, coming to see Tony Robins is just to show my appreciate, he has truly inspired my life for me & my children.